BRAIN HEALTH SHOCKERS! Every year I give this seminar, and every year...

BRAIN HEALTH SHOCKERS! Every year I give this seminar, and every year there are mommas in the audience with their mouths literally gaping open. They had NO IDEA of the hidden perks of learning a second language!

So! Read on!

If you wonder what subjects are “worth it,” please know that learning a foreign language… even just STUDYING a foreign language has benefits far beyond vocabulary and grammar, and even culture!

There are synapses in our brains that simply don’t get used until a foreign language is the focus of absorption. Check out these benefits at ANY AGE: (and check out my seminar on it on Friday!)

- Improves short-term recall
- Increased ability to problem solve
- Strengthens ALL logic areas
- Brings connectivity in all subject matters
- Helps with mental focus
- Long term and short-term recall improves
- Thought processes become more conscious
- Increases working memory (think of it as swap space.)

Wondering if you’re in a good space or time or season to try a second language? Comment below- I bet I’ll have a solution for you!

Want to get the FULL seminar on this? We have a Winter Summit going this week! My workshops are on Friday. But click on the pic and get your free ticket:

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