Check in Tips For High School Parents of Spanish Learners

Getting our homeschooled children to high school is such a HUGE feat! But then WE DO IT, and phew!

It's like our brain thinks, "Hey. We have 9th graders and UP! We can now stop, sip a coffee, and take a five minute break!"

- Nope, nope, - they need ..input?

Nope. They're good... go away, don't tell them, no opinions needed;

Oh hey, one sec... no I've got this.

You know what - that hovering balancing act you've got going on is great. Yeah. Just stand there, sort of leaned in... and wait until I look at you again but without a  glare...

THEN I'll need a little help.


Ok. So, it's a little song and dance every day, every week, until the step away portions become longer and more frequent. So. What do we do in the mean time?

Here are a few ideas to choose from for a daily check in:

1) Flip open their textbook - "Hey! What's the last page you've done?" Glance through it, point at a few words - "Oooh. How do you say THAT one?" Etc. Make conversation. Be impressed with their writing, then draw a little pencil heart in the top right hand corner of the page.

2) Ask to sit in - "Hey - next time you watch your Spanish video, can you leave your ear buds out? I wanted to see if I remember any of it!"

3) Ask them how to start a sentence. "Hey - If I wanted to say 'I need' - How would I say that? Ok... and if YOU Need it? Oh, so why is that changed like that? Cooool!"

4) Grab a stack of flashcards (no flash cards? Ask them to make a dozen. It's fun and easy.) Play charades - YOU get to do the acting. Act out a few of them and say: "GUESS!" Then when they guess, check the pronunciation by saying it back to them and repeat it until you learn it. 

5) Flip open their book in a few days again. Check for the heart in the upper corner - no heart? GOOOOOD they're moving forward!


Did you notice something? All five of these tips are categorized into two areas: accountability and narration - all they're doing is teaching you what they know. You're lowering the stress by being silly and vulnerable and teachable, and you're encouraging them by being SUPER impressed and not the LEAST bit critical. 

Go momma GO - Now check in on a few other subjects too!

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 If you're looking for more accountability (and FUN) in your high school student's Spanish Lessons... I can help you. We have a BLAST in our live sessions, and every student still goes at their own pace.

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