Spanish Geniuses Discounted Co-op Access

Spanish Geniuses Discounted Co-op Access

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A Co-op Licensing Program to allow co-ops to share a custom code for a full semester of  Spanish Geniuses!
Co-op Leaders collect the licensing costs/tuition from each family, and then pay once, up front, whenever your group is ready. Your co-op's custom code will remain active until June 30 of 2022.

Spanish Geniuses Co-op Per Semester Price:

~ Up to Five families: $250 = as much as a  62% savings per family
~ Five to Ten Families: $350 = as much as a 74% savings per family
~ More than ten Families $500 = as much as 80% savings family or more

Discount Codes are active during the current school year July 1 through June 30.
This allows each co-op family to watch the videos as often as they like with no expiration during the current school year. Download assignments and notes as a group, or move at your own pace.
You can go as quickly or slowly as you like for semester one (Lessons 1-13), and then purchase the next semester's discount code (Lessons 14-26). Each family will also be notified with any updates to lessons throughout the year.
Co-op access is available for both Spanish Geniuses Level 1 or Level 2.
Each family or student  in your class can print assignments as they go, or purchase the Guide Book for the year for either level. (Click on the pics for a direct link.)

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