Spanish Geniuses Guide Book Level 1
Spanish Geniuses Guide Book Level 1

Spanish Geniuses Guide Book Level 1

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A high-quality printed version of every Spanish Geniuses Lesson for Level 1. More than one hundred heavy pages contain each lesson's assignment page, notes, grade sheet, extra chart pages, even quizzes, exams, and review sheets! Your student can skip the step of printing their lesson each week - just open and go!

Watch your video lesson, and keep the entire year tidy in this effortless, already-bound spiral Guide Book.


~ Sturdy, heavy-duty, plasticized cover and back cover with plastic black coil, with separating tab for quizzes and exams.

~ One-sided printing to allow for extra notes, doodles, or fun speaking assignments.

FAQ: Do I need anything else? 
Yes - just your textbook, Spanish Now!

(You'll still have access to the PDFs with each video lesson, if necessary, or for any updates for various lessons.)


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