Weird and Unsocialized?

I've enjoyed reading and following Kris Bales with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers for many years! The first time I read that title, I laughed out loud. I love the idea of demonstrating absurdity with absurdity! I think I only had one child at the time, and number two was on the way, but I had already taught more than 200 homeschooled children, and discovered it was true.... these students, ages 3 to 18, were all VERY different from the students I had been teaching in the public school for years, so finding this website hit my funny-happy-sweet spot JUST right.

She's a few years ahead of me in the parenting and schooling journey - her youngest is the same age as my oldest! So, just like in real life - if I like the mom, AND I like her kids, AND she's a few years ahead of me, I stalk her!

During stalking, I learned:

We have a LOT of similarities - beyond being short, and southern, I mean. The main ways we match are in loving Jesus Christ, enjoying quirky humorous stories and situations, and the description of our homeschooling methods: Eclectic, Classical, with a Charlotte Mason bend. (Her term is way more fun, of course: "classically eclectic with a Charlotte Mason twist.”)

And now, she has weighed in with her opinion of SiSi! So, if you'd like to find out her take on it, check it out: 

WUHS Review Flip Flop Spanish Pic

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