We won again! Flip Flop Spanish is Ranked First Place in Foreign Language

WOW! We won again!

Flip Flop Spanish is Ranked First Place in Foreign Language Reader's Awards by Practical Homeschool Magazine's Readers. This is our 8th  year of awards from them, and the ballot grows and shrinks each year. There are some very new, very aggressively marketed tools in the homeschooling world these days, and we're honored that our little family is still ranked number one with our  family run website and distribution!

Wondering what other amazing curriculum is at the top for each category? You have to subscribe to find out! But it's one of the THE BEST magazines out there for homeschooling, being encouraged, and getting ideas and reviews on new learning and teaching tools.

 So what's my tip this week? Keep your head down, keep going. There will be new shiny tools, new homeschooling families that seem like they're moving "faster," or are doing things "better" when they jump in suddenly to your realm. New makes you sort of feel "old." But just like our readers out there that voted our tools as their favorite in the foreign language category, your family, your children, your tribe or running mates, will see and FEEL the endurance in your baby steps of a faithful journey.
Don't get distracted by big splashes, and just keep on plugging.  Not everyone notices, but the ones who matter, they do. They do. 
Thank you, faithful friends, for your feedback! My best fuel to keep on producing the best learning tools I can comes in the form of "thank you" and "gracias", and this one feels like a GIGANTIC thank you with a huge hug!
Wondering why?
Scroll down and check out the reviews on the See it and Say it Product page here!

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