Top Ten Obstacles to Learning a Foreign Language... and how to overcome them. #10 & #9

Children learning with Flip Flop SpanishWe will be counting down this week (my BIRTHDAY WEEK!) with the top ten obstacles (and solutions!) to learning a foreign language.

Hola....My name is Suzanne Gose (though I think most people think my first name is Señora!) and my favorite thing to do is HELP people!

I’m a homeschooling momma to five awesome children, and have just graduated our eldest! **(…I’ll wait for your applause….)** as a former public school teacher, it drove me crazy that each week, when I had to give my students 25 to 30 words to memorize, but the truly absorbed about 6. So! When I developed my own curriculum for my private classes… guess what? We focused on about SIX! After more than 20 years of teaching Spanish, it’s so rewarding to see and hear that my curriculum and classes are easy to implement, and have the whole family happily learning together.

Foreign language is one of those electives that’s hard to start! You truly have to ELECT to do it!
If you keep forgetting, begin the day with Spanish, and just dedicate 15 minutes. Set the timer! 15 minutes is all you need, especially with Flip Flop Spanish!

Teach Everyone Spanish at ONCE with Flip Flop Spanish#9 TEACH EVERYONE AT ONCE - but HOW?
Our five children were all born within 6 1/2 years of one another. That means my eldest was still six when the fifth baby arrived. So when it came time for school purchasing five of everything made me a little bonkers.  I learned from mentors to group as many subjects as possible!

When they were all little, we’d start the day with Bible, Spanish, Science, and History. We split into TWO groups for literature, and individually for Math and Phonics.

Happily, Spanish is one tool that can be “grabbed” at different levels, and useful at ANY age, depending on how it’s presented.


This post was inspired and created for Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum Conference on Facebook in June 2020. Check them out! LOTS of good stuff!

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