Three days left - What Have I accomplished?

I have three days left of the year. Let's share a few more "accomplishments." I made some wonderful bloopers this year.

Not only did I make the statement in my classroom once this year (while throwing a moneda - a reward chip for speaking Spanish well - to a student, and overshooting my target), "Gosh, I'm high. I'm so SO high!" They all laughed hysterically, of course, and I then chastised them.

Did I Say That? Flip Flop Spanish

"Did I just SAY that?" (Disclaimer, this is not my picture - but closely resembles the person in my head that tells me - too late - to shush.)


Another great blooper was getting four minutes into a lecture (it was well done, mind you, Biblical references and all) before being "sweetly" told I was disciplining the wrong child.  At least this episode was at home, with a slightly smaller audience.

A few minor accomplishments include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dinner (the children all cheered) because no matter how long you preheat an oven, the lasagna doesn't cook if it's not inside that oven.

Add to that the time I arrived a full two hours early for a family appointment in a town a good hour away. Turns out, arriving late is better by far. What do you do in a strange town with two hours to burn and five children expecting an event? (All I could think was go to the park. By the time I found a park, it was so late we only had five minutes to play, and I had to call them all back into the car and head back to the appointment.)

At the end of any blooper story, though, the children agree, "At least we aren't boring!"

So! Any 2017 bloopers that keep you from being boring? Share them on our Facebook Page!



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