The new one is HERE! (And Happy Birthday, Marines!)

New Product


Happy Birthday, USMC!

(¡Feliz Cumpleaños!)

I love that all the pre-orders of the the Ministry Spanish Flash Cards are being mailed out on such a day of honor and celebration. (I'm married to a Marine!)

Creating a new product is always full of emotion. It's quite similar to having a baby... Hard work, concern, processing, deciding "today is the day," fear, and hope!

When our children opened the box and the first set of flashcards, the "oohing and ahhing" and smiles up at me as they started laying out sentences immediately reminded me: (just like having a new baby) it was ALL worth it!

 So many Flip Flop Spanish fans weighed in by  offering the words and phrases they needed needed in their tool kit for communicating while on mission trips, or helping others in Spanish. Here's the first sentence our ten-year-old laid out for us.

Quiero ir a la iglesia.

I want to go to church.


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