Suzanne's 4 Steps to Choosing your Homeschool Curriculum

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It's that time of year again - time to choose next year's curriculum, or at least think about what is and isn't working for this school year. This is always a pretty overwhelming task, unless you are super happy with a box curriculum that provides it all. (If that is a yes for you, woo hoo! You are now excused.)

For the rest of us, let's read a bit more.

I love breaking everything down into manageable pieces. It's probably the main reason my entire Spanish curriculum is all based on flashcards. So. Let's do that now. If this idea overwhelms you, grab four index cards to jot on, or just one and rip it into four pieces. Or you can use a napkin, or even a notebook, if you're fancy.

Got it? Ok here are your four jots to write down. I'll explain them all in detail, just jot for now so if you need to stop and come back, you've got it done!

4 steps to choosing homeschool curriculum

 1) Grid.

 2) Basics.

 3) Kid Input - Electives

 4) Shop!




First the grid - make a table or a chart. Here's mine from last year, we'll post one you can access and change for your family at the end of the post.


  Across the top, you write each child's name. Once you've done that, you can see that the task WILL BE FINITE. There is an end in sight!

On the left side, you write each subject you teach. Sometimes you can group them, sometimes you can't. The programs we love, and I mention in the podcast are Math U See, A Gentle Feast, Flip Flop Spanish (of course), and KONOS. Not mentioned, but appearing in the grid above are Notgrass History (includes literature! YEAH!) and IEW.

Here's a link to a blank one:

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