CHECKING IN: Mid-year start up, going strong, or need a mid-year pick me up?

Just checking in - 

 How's your NEW year going? (We're at the end of the month, so we probably have a pretty good idea of where we are now? Maybe?)

Let's leave a pretty easy response...
😁 - Everything is right on target. We've faded AWAY from the holiday craze, shook off some laziness, and now we're pretty well back in the saddle! YEAH!

🤗 - We're OK. I mean, I'm still lacking efficiency. I have a few Christmas decorations still hanging around, and I'm NOT stoked about this spring. It may be that I need a small kick in the pants.

😥 - We are NOT OK. I can NOT find my groove, my jeans are tight, I don't really even know WHY we need math anymore, and sleeping until 10 or 11 or 12 doesn't seem awful, and I'm pretty sure I forgot how to teach and the kids forgot that they know how to learn.... or put on socks. 



What do you/ or DID you do to help get RIGHT back into the saddle? Or did you have a hiccup and needed to jump over a few obstacles? Can you share with us?


To the SECOND GROUP 🤗 : 
Welcome to the mid year SLUMP. No one else wants to be here either.

But this is a real thing. Every year, we try and combat it and some years we are SUPER successful, and others, we are less successful. The years we are successful, we have some sort of NEW exciting group, sport, or event to try out! Typically one of the kids is pushing for it, and the others are dragged along. But the NEWness of it gives us just enough nervous excitement to see how to shuffle these new friendships, places, and schedule into our lives. This year, with only two teens left, we are trying our best to add in Boxing and Volunteering for an after school program. The thing that is thwarting us is the lack of a set of wheels for the teens. So, until that is sorted, I'm going to be traveling WITH them. That was NOT the plan. They are ready for more freedom, less supervision, more independence!

So... we're doing it ANYway. For real, next Monday. What do you do to change the mid-year slump?

These ideas have worked for us, as twice a month gatherings:

~ 🧶 ~ New Craft group, a different mom takes charge each time, so we only end up leading it once every other month

~ 🐧 ~ Maybe choose a new unit study - at that age, we did a penguin unit study. Researched the types of penguins, read Mr. Popper's penguins, learned geography, science, literature, and writing - it was AWESOME. When the movie came out, the Kids all remembered the book and unit study.

Then we finished with a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo which had JUST opened its penguin exhibit. It changed EVERYTHing for me - I learned a lot, and found out how my own kids learn better.

~ 🚶🏽‍♂️~ New walking/Park group, we ended up meeting a TON of new people with this one!

~ 🧁~ New baking group, this was a fun idea, but only lasted two months - the kitchens were NOT big enough.

~🇪🇸 ~ New Spanish club - we watched movies in Spanish. And that was IT. Super fun. They ended up playing bingo, making games, puppet show, etc. I have the files we used, here, if you'd like them.

~ 🏈 ~ Sports group of any type, a little exhausting at first, but in the end, the best ten weeks we spent! - We're adding in some Volleyball too. I'm a little trepadacious, but I know I need MORE movement!

Notice the theme? ANYthing NEW! Small or big - Which one will you try? Can't find one? Lead one!


HEY, FRIEND! Chica, amiga, sister, momma, sweetie pie....
Send out an S.O.S.
You can't get out on your own. I mean, maybe you could, but why SHOULD you?! Post a comment below, or hit reply, or whatever - vent, make a video, ASK FOR HELP. Share your kids' ages, and the main BIGGEST PROBLEM right now, today.

We'll find a way to help you!

I mean it. Don't click away. Comment.
Helping is my very favorite thing to do!


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