High School Spanish Video Course - Can you do it with a Homeschool Co-op?

This is a VERY common question - "I want my kids to learn Spanish from someone who knows the language well, is a passionate teacher, and be with other students! How can I do that? No one in my co-op knows Spanish!" 

I have solution for you!
~ Weekly Recorded classes with both "Class Teaching" - a recorded class of me teaching actual students, as well as the same lesson with power point slides. (20 minutes or so)
~ Vocabulary video (5minutes or so)
~ Guidebooks with note-taking for class time and Assignments
~ Textbook assignments with answer key
~ Optional Exams and quizzes

Many homeschool co-ops often watch the Spanish Geniuses Lesson video together, practice the vocabulary, do the four days of homework at home, and then check the homework the next week together in class. Don't forget - your subscription comes with weekly LIVE access to me for any questions, problems, confusion, PLUS just fun speaking practice! The whole co-op could get to see each other online, once or twice a week outside of class to practice Spanish.

Your co-op is a GREAT way to encourage accountability, as well as save money! 

~ Five Families: 35% off your monthly subscription + one exclusive tutoring/extra bonus lesson JUST for your co-op with Señora Gose.

~ Six to Ten Families: 40% off the monthly subscription + two exclusive tutoring/extra bonus lessons JUST for your co-op with Señora Gose each semester.

 ~More than Ten Families: 50% off + three exclusive tutoring/extra bonus lessons JUST for your co-op with Señora Gose

Each participating family subscribe, and if you have a younger pre-teen group, they can enjoy the Bingo Lessons, Juniors Videos, and Reading Lesson as well! (Ages 5th grade to 8th grade or so.)

Even younger families love using See it and Say it as a co-op - the printable Co-op lesson plans and homework sheets make it a breeze! One of my favorite tools in Spanish class is the googly eyes - you know, they ONLY speak Spanish! - let me know if your co-op signs up, and I'd love to send one for each of your students!

 Here's a quick video explaining it all, too!

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