Something is algo....

Let me encourage you today! You're doing enough! Read on:

My kiddos are often quizzed: "Say something in Spanish." This puts them on the spot, and though they aren't shy (like, at ALL), they worry and sometimes freeze.... concerned about disappointing me or the quiz-maker scrutinizing them. So I've taught them to respond with one word:


algo  (ahl-goh)


Algo means something, after all. I was laughing when I saw one of my sweethearts employ their training this past week..

"Algo? What's algo mean?"


And it triggered another thought in me. Something IS something after all. In that vein, I want to encourage you. During this holiday season, please know that something is SOMEthing. As we struggle to keep up with the events and well wishers, maybe lament goals that aren't yet achieved for 2018, or friends who we usually see and maybe don't get to see, or traditions we usually do, but the kids have outgrown them, or or or....

Something is SOMEthing. And it's not nothing. So!

Something I can do for you today is to offer a two minute lesson in Spanish. Short, easy, no audio, just a quick movie of a holiday classic. Nothing to purchase, and you don't even REALLY have to print it. Watch it on screen, pay attention to some words, and get a little Spanish input today. It's not a lot. 

But it's something.

And in Spanish, that is algo. Algo importante.

Enjoy this free Spanish Vocabulary Movie guide - it's simpler than usual, with no bells or whistles. And that's enough!


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  • Colleen on

    That was just what I needed today, as my mind is spinning, thinking about all of the tasks on my to-do list. Thank you! Algo is something!

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