Learning Tip - Add Food (AKA Las Posadas)

I'm often looking for way to add meaningful cultural studies into my own homeschool time and I thought I would share this EASY way to add las posadas in to YOUR Christmas time fun as well.

Here's the easy learning tip - No matter WHAT subject matter you are studying, add in food. Waking up more senses in the body is a GREAT way to spur interest, smiles, motivation, and extra memory boosts. Blood sugar goes back up, taste receptacles are firing, busy hands are occupied, and mouths are full, so fewer talkative students can interrupt! That's a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN by just adding a bowl of popcorn to the table while completing a math exercise. Genius, right?

A few more Tips:

Good learning foods = popcorn, goldfish crackers, grapes, pretzels, nuts, cheese cubes or cheese sticks, water cups (lids are best), finger foods that are not crumbly or sweet.


Bad learning foods = anything wet, candy, anything sticky or too sweet, juices, colas, anything that can spill and leave residue. Applesauce, cereal, anything needing utensils to eat it.



Ok, here's the cultural part. Las posadas is a Mexican tradition featuring Joseph's and Mary's journey from inn to inn as they are turned away because there is no space (una posada...ooh-nah poh-sah-dah... is Spanish for an inn, a small hotel). Typically, children either play the parts of Mary and Joseph and the neighborhood follows with candles, as they knock and get turned away, or they carry a statue of some sort. Most of the traditions are very catholic, but protestants also might participate in a way that's more focused on a "progressional dinner" in the US now. Finally, they reach the designated house, and there's food and festivities as the neighborhood or church group celebrates the coming of Christ.

How can you re-create this SUPER simply at home? Well, have your children either take Mary and Joseph from your nativity scene, and knock on closed doors in your home. Call out: There's no space in the inn, I'm sorry. "No hay espacio en la posada, lo siento." - Or simply say it in English. And on the last door, you say, there's no space, but there is a manger. 

How do we add food to our living room posadas? Well, when we participated in  this growing up, the people at each house said there's no space, but here's something for your journey - and they would walk WITH Mary and Joseph to the next place. Finally, everyone added and added until we would end up "in the manger" with a TON of food. 

You can have popcorn, goldfish crackers, grapes, fruit cups, any sort of fun, easy snack to be given at each door, and Mary and Joseph end at the manger, the kitchen table, where they can FINALLY relax after their long, uncomfortable journey, and prepare for the coming of their blessed child.

Here's a fun, free Christmas unit study that you may enjoy with more details on this tradition!

Did you do this growing up? Share below!


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