I want it to be EASY...

Of course we all want learning to be easy.

The hardest tasks for learning (for our family) are:

  • stopping the current activity
  • getting started
  • finding the book
  • clearing the spot at the table
  • reading the instructions.

With all these realizations, I developed Spanish Fun Activity Calendar. I made these summer calendars each year for my students, to keep them going throughout the summer, and Mr. Señora Gose pointed out that I could have a product if I would just make the other 9 months. *blink blink blink* *Oh!*

So I did!

Child holding Spanish Fun Activity Calendar by Flip Flop Spanish

You hang it on the wall (no book to find), start with it before breakfast (no current activity to stop), read the word aloud and color and label it in the picture (no instructions). The student stands at the wall to do it! (No space to clear at the table!)


Leanring Spanish with Flip Flop Spanish Word a day Calendar

How's that for easy?

They make GREAT surprise after Christmas gifts, and there's still a CHANCE they'll get there on time for the 25th (but maybe not, no guarantees!) 

Get some encouragement! I'll be posting the audio for each month in the blogs and newsletter too, so stay tuned and subscribe!


Invigorate your students (and yourself) with an easy jumping off point for 2018. One word a day, one easy coloring and repeating activity. You can DO this!

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He's just begging for chocolate caliente! #losojos

Begging for Hot Chocolate and Spanish

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