I LOVE index cards! Seriously, Suzanne

I have a deep love for index cards. I have all sizes, kinds, colors. I have them on rings, I have them labeling items in my home in various languages. They are taped, folded, used for geometry, biology terms... I just LOVE them. And you should too.


 1) A jillion uses for school subjects:
~math facts (writing that one they miss will really cause it to stick!)
~practicing letters and then spelling with them
~biology terms
~building sentences with words (Spanish/English)
~ordering historical events
~capitals and states/continents, etc
~labeling items in the house for foreign language
~geometry understanding formulas (Thank you #MathUSee)
~memorizing formulas
~vocabulary practice in general
~making simple math equations

2) Another several for life in general:
~chore choosing/ordering
~menu planning
~event/class prioritizing
~to-do items
~shopping lists
~budgeting (time and money)
~gift ideas to remember later
~choosing the movie tonight

3) Just for fun:
~encouraging notes
~doodle art
~playing "store"
~card stack houses

I have the two sets I buy again and again in the Flip Flop Shop. Here are direct links, if you'd like to match me, and fall in love with index cards.

Colors for EVERYthing, cute and teensy
Basic White, Good for Everything
Blanks that match the size of your Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards

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