How often do I have to practice Spanish, really?

We want to know the REAL scoop, not the utopian ideal, about learning Spanish. How much time do I have to put in, REALLY, to learn Spanish?

 So, just like any other school subject, the answer is: It depends.

The Spanish language practice and habits depend on several facets to your situation. Probably there are about twelve or more categories we could look at, I but I like keeping things "chunky and light," so let's focus in on just three questions or categories. You'll get to the other nine on your own.

Current Spanish Lesson Goal - Arrow in Target

First: What's your goal right now? *FOCUS IN ON RIGHT NOW. Goals change. So don't look at the next 13 years. Just choose which letter matches your goal RIGHT NOW.

I'll make it multiple choice. (See? Chunky and Light. That's my way.)

A) Exposure of Spanish. I just want  my children (and me) to sort of know there's Spanish out there, and to be able to name some nouns and sort of understand the basic greetings, numbers, and manners.

B) Conversational Spanish. I'd like my students (and me) to be able to "get around." They should be able to carry on a basic conversation, create their own thoughts and speak them, and traveling in Spanish Speaking Countries or helping Native Spanish Speakers should be fairly easy.

C) Spanish Fluency. The goal is that that my family (and I) become fluent, educated on the grammar, comprehension, conversation,


Stay tuned.... tomorrow's blog covers:

Second: How old are the students?

A) Younger. 

B) Pre-Teen and Teens.

C) Only Adults.

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