How do we EASE into and out of scheduling?

Any sort of family change, including homeschooling transitions are HARD! Have you begun your back to school schedule? Sort of? Feeling a little bumpy? Me too! I have a quick video, if you need to see for yourself.


Don't have time to watch my rant, I mean, "helpful advice"? Here are the main points:

1) Start with the HARD thing. This gives you motivation, a sense of purpose, and progress. It helps you point to one thing that was accomplished. 

2) Next time you end a semester, or prepare for a break, let go of the easy things first. The fluff slides off and on very easily. Just like the sprinkles on top of a cupcake.

3) Have a definite starting time for your first date of the semester. Even if it's not pretty, even if it's 2pm, and you said you would start, START! It may be ugly, but it's done, and done is better than perfect!

4) Stop earlier than normal. Whatever the last thing is in your day, don't do it. Let it go. Add it back in tomorrow, or next week, or whenever you noticed that the accomplishments for the day feel a bit more normal again. 


It's a BUMPY ride, this homeschooling journey - but that's what makes for an epic tale!

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