How big is too big of a bite?

The trick to achieving goals, other than stamina, motivation, and determination is being sure you haven't bitten off too much.

Being too grandiose sets one up for failure...

So, let's reconsider. What was your 2018 goal?

Was it too big? Can we do half?

Here are some ways:
~ Achieve goals in less time, by beginning earlier in the day (just by a half hour.)
~ Make goals half as long, half as big.
~ Celebrate smaller steps.
~ Add FUN (hobbies, treats) to the task to make it easier to complete. (We always did math on the trampoline, because, well.... math. and TRAMPOLINE!)

I recommend beginning with one word per day. I made the Spanish Fun Activity Calendar for exactly this reason. Set a routine with something super simple (did you get the January Newsletter? - what a GREAT article about habit forming!) and fun and easy. And NOW we have audio! Check it out.




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