Experiences Not Things: Christmas Gift Ideas by Age

Good news!

"Experiences, not things" sounds good, but how do we create an experience, not a thing? What makes something, some event, memorable to us?

We asked five children, ages 9 to 16, and here are their answers:

- age 9:  When you are doing the same thing as me, like, you're watching me, and it's nice and calm.

- age 10: Spending time with you, having lots of fun.

- age 13: When we're all together doing the same thing.

-age 14: When somebody notices me and I'm separated from the crowd.

- age 16: When something hilarious happens, like when you don't know something and try and guess.


Learning together #experiencesnotthings  #flipflopspanish(Ask your own children and see what they say! Share their responses - and their ages - below.)

So, here's the trick: How do you fit those ideas into a stocking, or under a tree?

You can create an experience in the form of a contest: How many flashcards can you each learn in one week?

Ages 10 and up: Plan a special meal: and use Spanish Bingo Words for When we eat to prepare!

Under age 9: Enjoy life by coloring Bella together. There are adult coloring books now, but you can just color with your child, and learn with her, or him. Make a memory, develop a skill.

Ages 6 to High School: Another great experience is playing a game: Play UNO, but use ALL Spanish words (it's just colors and numbers after all!)

Spanish Fun Activity CalendarAges 5 to 12: Make a commitment! Devote your year to ONE WORD a day with our fun interactive calendar, Spanish Fun Activity Calendar.

Order by Tuesday, December 19, and we guarantee arrival by Christmas. We can't offer free shipping, to get it there in time, but the shipping fees are quite low. And you really can't put a price on an experience!




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