A blast from the past: A letter to my first class (18 years ago!)

I'm happy to say I feel the same every year. I just didn't know it yet!
I'm enjoying happy memories about these kiddos from Waco, Texas, who are now 30 years old, or older!

To my first class:                       el 22 de mayo, 2000

     I know that a teacher’s first class is always supposed to be special, and perhaps that is why I feel the way I do about y’all. At the same time, I can’t imagine moving to a new school district and getting a new classroom (without this beautiful green carpet! Whatever will I do?) with new students that could possibly make me laugh as hard as you do, and look forward to each day with them, as I did with you.

     I really wanted to write a note to each one of you, because you each make “our little family” what it is, and when even one person is absent, the class changes. It’s only a perfect day when all members are here.  Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy stressing out for you over your end-of-the-year-final, praying for your nerves to calm and your head to be clear.  Not only for you - so that you can show the high school that you have excelled magnificently and know just as much (if not more – after all, we know animal names!) as any of their sophomores, but for me too. I worry, you know.

     This was an important year for all of us. I got my perfect first job – with just as many GREAT students as I could handle- and now you are becoming high schoolers. Eighth grade is supposed to be hard. This class was supposed to be hard. I hope I lived up to your expectations in that…but made it fun too. You sure made it fun for me. Thank you.

      Think of me next year, and I’ll think of you. I laugh out loud sometimes, when I’m driving in my car, because of things you did in class, or the way you reacted to another one of my not-so-funny stories that seemed really funny before I opened my mouth.

     You too should realize that you were lucky. I think next year I’ll be a lot MEANER..…Nah.

Muchas gracias y buena suerte, clase. Ten una vida perfecta. Es su decisión.


Señora Gose

P.S. Please fill out a survey honestly. If you want me to know you wrote it, put your name on it, if not, leave it off. I always want to improve in my teaching and not get stuck in old habits that don’t help students learns (or make class boring).

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