Frequently Asked Questions about Spanish Geniuses

Is this a full High School Credit? - Yes. You can find the basic scope of the lessons on the Video page. Students who come to my Spanish 2 classes and have completed other Spanish 1 High School Courses often have to go back to my own Spanish 1 class, because we cover so much more than the other courses. We do hit every grammar topic required, and then some. Many of my dedicated students are able to earn College Credit by Examination after taking just one year of Spanish with my methods. (If they are dedicated students!)

How much? - Each lesson is just $10. Pay as you progress!

Can I watch it again? - Yes! Pause and rewind as much as needed. Your video link is available three times for you for one month (28 days).

How do I get the homework? It is included with the video lessons as a PDF, which is available by logging into with the same account you used to purchase the course.

A "My Downloadable Files" link is located directly below the list of your orders.  Additionally, each order has a link to your content (for only that order) should you desire to see them separately.

That link contains your entire lessonEach Lesson comes with two videos, and a homework packet.  The homework PDF(s) are downloadable, and then printed to follow along with daily book and CD work, after watching the video.

Where are the solutions to the Homework? Your textbook, Spanish Now, Edition 8 has an answer key integrated in the back. The students learn from correcting their own work from the back. The Homework grade is based on % complete, not based on % correct. 

Do I need a book? Yes, you’ll need to purchase Spanish Now!, If you purchase from another bookstore, please be sure to get the 8th edition.

Do I need anything else?  You need a place to keep your packets. A folder or 1“ binder works well.  I'll recommend a personal learning dictionary - as well as a set of Flip Flop Spanish Flashcards to supplement your learning after a few weeks. Every third lesson or so will refer to them in the Vocab Labs. If you don’t have them, that’s okay. They will increase your speed and depth of learning, but you don’t HAVE to have them. (We understand stretching dollars!)

Is there a suggested schedule? Yes!

Suggested Schedule: If you begin on Labor Day week, and do exactly one lesson per week, this is the calendar schedule for you:

  • 1st week of September - Begin
  • After Lesson 10, Skip your lesson for Thanksgiving Week
    • *Take Fall Vocab Exam* between week 10 and 11.
  • Finish the Semester with  Lesson 12. Take your midterm by Dec 20
  • Begin Classes on Lesson 13 for the first week of January.
  • Take a break over Spring Break after lesson 18 
    • *Take Spring Vocab Exam* between week 18 and 19
  • Finish Lesson 24 by end of April
  • Take your Final Exam by May 15th.

Exams: How do they work? On the weeks I recommend taking your exam, it will be included in your lesson link for that week. The student will review the Review Sheet, and Exam to print out. Students take the Exam at home, on paper. A separate link will be listed for the answer page. Each Spanish Exam is multiple choice and easy to grade for the parent or advisor with the provided Answer Key. If your student does not pass the Exam, you can download a new review, and a re-take for that exam.

Is there a separate log in or email for students vs. parents? No, you may access your content by logging into with the same account you used to purchase the course. A "My Downloadable Files" link is located directly below the list of your orders.  Additionally, each order has a link to your content (for only that order) should you desire to see them separately.

The lesson link includes everything a student or parent needs for that particular lesson (except the Spanish Now! textbook which must be purchased separately).  A motivated high schooler has the ability to go through the entire curriculum on his or her own. He or she can print each homework packet, watch the Lesson and Vocab Lab videos, check their answers, take and grade exams, and make it all the way through Spanish Geniuses on their own.

We recommend the parent grade the exams, go over review sheets with the student before each exam, and check grade reports to be sure the students are studying and watching each video. 

I ran out of time to watch it! Can I stream it later? Yes. You have three attempts to download after purchase, and your link will remain active for up to a month. 

I don’t want to stream the video, can I download it? Not anymore, unfortunately.  It takes a lot of effort to produce these courses, we need to protect our content from unscrupulous individuals that believe they can share it with everyone freely.

Can more than one of my children use this? Yes! If you have more than one student in your immediate family ready to take the class, they can watch the video together or move at their own separate paces. (As a mother of five, I understand this need to save time and money.) Each e-mailed lesson link can only be accessed three times, so keep that in mind.

Can I share this with my co-op? No. We ask that all your streaming and downloading is kept only for your immediate family. Just like most homeschoolers, finding the balance among income and freedom to school their children is vitally precious. We’ve kept the price for your family extremely reasonable so that every family in your co-op is able to purchase their own videos and follow along to learn at home, at their own pace.

I talk about you all the time… Can I share and get a commission? Yes!  Contact Señora Gose if you’re interested in this opportunity!

Can I save my lessons for later? Depends on what later means to you. Yes…. The links are good for one month. So, purchase as you go, or download and use for your own private use at home. But after one month your links will no longer be active. (If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact Señora Gose, and she will be happy to reactivate your link to make it useful for you.)

Do I use my email address, or my student’s? You can forward the email to your student’s address, or you can access it immediately. The link can be clicked three times (to avoid unscrupulous sharing) so keep that in mind.

How do I grade my student’s work?  Suggested Grading Rubric & Grade Sheet:

25% Participation - (Did the student repeat aloud? Does he/she take notes? Do you ask Señora Gose for help when needed?) 

25% Homework Completion - (Did you do 100% of your homework? Or more like 80%? Be able to show it.) 

25% Quizzes - Average your quiz grades. You can throw out the lowest grade. You should have 5 per semester.

25% Exams - Average your exam grades. You should have 4. Two vocab exams, two major exams. These may not be “dropped” - However, if you need a “re-take” There will be a link to that for another $10. (Incentive to study hard the FIRST TIME!)

Can I purchase the Videos separate from the Packets? (Or the Packets separate from the videos?) You can download what you need - but they do not have separate “buy” buttons - when you purchase a Lesson Bundle, you’ll see each file separately. If you don’t need the extra vocabulary practice, simply don’t stream or download that file. Because maintaining a single file is just as costly as maintaining a bundle, the prices would still be the same: $10 per video, with or without the additional video and notes. 

Do I need anything else to learn Spanish? Need? No. But there are a ton of supplements I can recommend as we go along. One of my favorite things to do is watch Animated Classics in Spanish. So I created Movie Guides for the Students. The Downloadable audio and ebook format are right here, for these movies (Click Table of Contents for a full size view):