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Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards: BLANKS

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You asked, we listened! We now have blank flashcards the exact same custom size as your beloved Flip Flop Spanish Flash Cards.

Add to your learning with a set of blank flashcards. (48 cards total). The See it and Say it Set leads you through creating prepositions, colors, and numbers, making your own Spanish Flash cards.

These blanks will make your sentences and words ALL the same size and thickens. When you practice basic words like body parts and household items, as well as phrases and adjectives that make those basic nouns so much more usable, your deck will be uniform and pleasing to the eye.

These are all blank cards to use as you add your OWN new words to your Spanish journey.

The cards are heavier than the average, and are the perfect size for small hands (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches), reducing the likelihood of bent or folded cards.

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