Whole Family Homeschool Spanish

Se├▒ora Gose designed two key programs because there were no programs on the market that specifically target the different learning styles of each individual. See it and Say it is hands on curriculum for ALL ages, and Spanish Geniuses is a video course series for middle school and up at the scholar level.

See It and Say It has been described as "hands-on Rosetta Stone"; it serves families of ALL ages, and all time constraints from toddler to adult!

For older students who like individualized instruction, Señora Gose teaches you personally with Spanish Geniuses, which debuted in the Fall of 2018.  Everything in this program is exactly what her classroom students receive every week at the Community Homeschool Center in Bryan, Texas.  Thousands of students have successfully learned Spanish by her instruction. Become one of them today via a la carte classes below or our  SpanishGeniuses.com all access subscription site!

Get started today on learning Spanish together with the preeminent homeschool Spanish curriculum for today's family!