Spanish Geniuses Quick Start Guide for Verde Set

Spanish Geniuses Quick Start Guide for Verde Set

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You've heard that Flip Flop Spanish Families have high schoolers who are confident, excited and prepared for their High School Spanish Course!

"But I didn't know!"

Well good news! (¡Buenas noticias!) We created a Digital Quick Start guide that will give your high school student 3 weeks to a firm footing in their lessons.

Enjoy three weeks of audio and written lessons for your high schooler before they begin their courses. Download immediately and use for each student as they become ready. Includes PDFs and audio.

You just need the Verde Set of Flashcards, and get going! It's ready for you to download now!

Can't wait for the Verde Cards to arrive in the mail? You can print those now too (did you know that PRINTING and CUTTING, and GLUING your own cards is another act of absorption? That's right - save shipping, time, AND add study time to the mix??? WOW!

Grab the Verde Cards Printable download, and get started RIGHT away.

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