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Spanish For Mamá eBook

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"I just don't have TIME to learn Spanish," is what many homeschool mothers say. This takes care of that obstacle with Spanish on a LIST - something almost all busy moms make. Lists, lists, and more lists.

More than 250 Spanish words presented in 131 useful phrases on a practical list-making notepad.

List to-do's at the bottom, learn at the top!

As you jot down your notes for each day, learn Spanish along the way! Each notepad page has a useful phrase at the top with phonetic spelling and translations. You are immediately able to practice, learn, and say three original Spanish sentences even while enumerating your grocery list.

On each page, you will see a shaded, rounded square. This is your MAIN PHRASE of the day. On the opposite side, there are three additional words. You may choose any one of these words or phrases to complete your thought.


How to use this product:

-Be sure to read each word aloud. (Phonetic spelling makes it easy!)

-For nouns, you may make flash cards, or label the item in your home. For verbs, act out the word while repeating it three times quick.

-Print the PDF, and Clip  each note on your refrigerator door, and each time you add to your to-do list or grocery needs, re-read the Spanish phrase, and try to use it that day!

- Or leave it on your phone or tablet, and scroll to each one - "turn the page" once you've mastered the note from that page!

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