Travel Spanish Lessons (Duck Duck Jeep)
Travel Spanish Lessons (Duck Duck Jeep)
Travel Spanish Lessons (Duck Duck Jeep)

Travel Spanish Lessons (Duck Duck Jeep)

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Oh, the places you'll go!
Enjoy these practical Spanish Travel Lessons!

This super effective download includes audio, video, printable flashcards to color, and TONS of fun! You'll start with six simple words and in less than 8 minutes you'll be using complete Spanish sentences, making plans in Spanish!

You'll see in your downloads:
~ Printable lessons for all three weeks, complete with Fun Spanish flashcards to cut and color.
~ A video lesson for EACH of the three weeks, taking you through pronunciation, grammar, and immediate Spanish speaking!
~ A homework activity for every day until the next lesson

ALL IN ALL, Three weeks of Spanish lessons for the WHOLE FAMILY TO USE, with  just 18 flashcards = HUNDREDS of original sentences in Spanish and all kinds of fun! That's right, only 18 Spanish words!

From basic errands, to weekend getaways, you'll be shocked at how much FUN it can be to use your Spanish to express where you want to go and WITH WHOM!

This course takes you through a daily short video, leading you to learn the words, practice them with hands on activities, and even has a homework packet for each and every day. In 4 days per week, 5 to 10 minutes at a time, you'll be amazed at the hundreds of sentences you can create. It's a GREAT jumping off spot for your Spanish journey!

If you are a fellow Jeep owner, and you received a Flip Flop Spanish Rubber Ducky, this product is FREE for you!! Pass that ducky on and bless another friend in the Jeep Community!

If you are NOT a Jeep owner, that's TOTALLY okay - you know what JEEP stands for, don't you? (Just Empty Every Pocket) - You can get your own Jeep Ducky here, take your picture in front of a Jeep you "ducked" and BOOM - scan the code on the bottom, and this lesson is free for you too!

 Are you a Spanish Geniuses Subscriber? You can find these Lessons over there in the Juniors Level, included in your monthly subscription: !

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