Hey! Your Jeep got DUCKED!

(Or maybe you purchased a Flip Flop Spanish Rubber Ducky and you're about to Duck someone else's Jeep! You are AWESOME, too!)

Congrats on your FREE Spanish Lessons! You're going to love them. 



There are just two steps to your free Spanish lessons!

1) Take a picture of your Fiesta Duckling on a Jeep,

2) Then post it and tag us: @FlipFlopSpanish. You can use hastags too:  #flipflopspanish and maybe #duckduckjeep for fun! 

No social apps on your phone? That's awesome, too! Click the little "Send" icon on your photo and send it to my email address:

Use the Coupon Code JIMINY to get your FREE Travel Spanish Lessons! Or you can just click the link. The coupon code should be in the cart already for you.

Jiminy is the name of Señora Gose's beloved heap, I mean Jeep. As soon as you click check out (no CreditCard needed, since it's FREE), you'll get your lessons delivered immediately to your email address.

When you click the links in there, they download to your computer, device, or phone. You can print the Spanish flashcards, follow along the video and audio lessons, or even just watch the videos! You'll be amazed at how much you'll learn from hands on simple Spanish games and quick learning activities!


*If you're wondering ducking Jeeps started, you can read the history here.*

 (Wondering what the "See it and Say it Way" is? Here's the most effective, FUN Whole Family Spanish program out there!)