40-Minute Consultation - Homeschool or Small Business Coaching
40-Minute Consultation - Homeschool or Small Business Coaching
40-Minute Consultation - Homeschool or Small Business Coaching

40-Minute Consultation - Homeschool or Small Business Coaching

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Grab a seat with Señora Gose. Your puzzling questions and obstacles will have a solution in no time!

Within just a 40-minute discussion, Suzanne has the experience and communication ability to help you find answers and direction, and to make you more confident in your homeschooling or small business endeavors. Find your “why” AND your “HOW”!

After learning from her own homeschooling mentors and renting classroom space from many locations for eight years,  Suzanne (Señora Gose) founded the Community Homeschool Center in 2009 to serve her own Spanish Classes and others! She, along with other dedicated homeschooling mommas, has been serving Homeschoolers across the Brazos Valley as the go-to communication hub with the entire CHC board. From leadership, teaching skills, entrepreneur life, and marketing, hundreds of families and small businesses are helped with 5 to 10 minute chats or even hour-long lunch and breakfast mastermind sessions. 

For more than a decade, the CHC has made a way for hundreds of families to not only take classes, but to make extra income by following their passion of sharing excellent education.

Choose a one time session, or get four sessions for the same cost as three! (Yes, your first session is FREE!)

After 20+ years of teaching, homeschooling, and consulting homeschool mothers, you can be sure she can answer even the toughest of questions and get you headed into the right "first step" to forming a plan and executing it.

Own a small business? Señora Gose knows quite a bit about that as well. From developing curriculum, becoming a published author, and creating a business that supports her family, her decades of both pitfalls and achievements will aid you in accomplishing your own goals!

In order to help MORE people spring board themselves, their dreams, and their families to success, now you don’t have to “know” Suzanne to get her help.

Click through the beginning block of time on the calendar above (I'll block off the extra 10 minutes for you, don't worry), and fill out the questionnaire that will arrive in your inbox upon purchase, so everyone is well prepared to make the most of your time. Then... Let's CHAT!


Read the reviews from other business owners from STEM Education to Art Studios, and homeschooling families and see how Suzanne can help you!

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