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Flip Flop Spanish Vocabulary Builder: Movie Magic

Flip Flop Spanish Vocabulary Builder: Movie Magic

$ 32.95

Movie Magic helps you learn Spanish by enjoying the movies you already own.  Listen to the audio on the CDs and print any page(s) from the CD-ROM guide.

Movie Magic is recommended for anyone who wants to start Spanish in an immersion type manner, to supplement other Spanish curriculum, or just wants to change things up a bit in their Spanish language journey.

Each lesson is labeled by Lesson 1-28; not because they are easier or harder lessons, but because that is the order Señora Gose taught them in her weekly classes as the students voted on the next movie.

Each lesson can stand alone, though there are a few instances where a later lesson does include words covered by an earlier movie. After lesson 16, the labels for the youngest to oldest students have changed to simple activity titles. The main idea is to practice the vocabulary, do the activities, and enjoy listening to the movie in Spanish.

If you do not have access to one of the movies, that's okay. You can skip it and come back. If you LOVE one movie and are not ready to move on, then by all means, stay on it, and continue to watch MORE in Spanish!

How it works:

For example: the intro session uses Disney's Dumbo®.
  1. Read through the Dumbo lesson to get a feel for how to set your DVD/BD to play in Spanish, as well as how long each lesson lasted in Señora Gose's classes.
  2. Play the words first, repeat, and then listen for those same words in the movie.
  3. Have your students check them off or raise their hand when they hear one.

Table of Contents:

Lesson 01: Disney's Dumbo® Lesson Step-By-Step Instructions
Lesson 02: Disney's Dumbo®
Lesson 03: Disney's Bolt®
Lesson 04: Disney's Bambi® (Ch 4-5)
Lesson 05: Disney's Bambi® (Ch 2)
Lesson 06: Disney's Jungle Book® (Ch 4)
Lesson 07: Disney's Jungle Book® (Ch 5)
Lesson 08: Disney's Robin Hood® (Ch 4)
Lesson 09: Disney's Robin Hood® (Ch 2)
Lesson 10: Disney's Robin Hood® (Ch 3)
Lesson 11: Disney's Aladdin® (Ch 4-5)
Lesson 12: Disney's Aladdin® (Ch 6 + song)
Lesson 13: DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon® (Ch 1)
Lesson 14: DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon® (Ch 2-3)
Lesson 15: DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon® (Ch 4)
Lesson 16: Disney's Toy Story® (Ch 2-3)
Lesson 17: Disney's Toy Story® (Ch 4)
Lesson 18: Disney's Tarzan® (Ch 6)
Lesson 19: Disney's The Little Mermaid® (Ch 5)
Lesson 20: Disney's Finding Nemo® (Ch 1-2)
Lesson 21: Disney's Finding Nemo® (Ch 6-9)
Lesson 22: Disney's The Incredibles®
Lesson 23: Dreamworks Megamind®
Lesson 24: Disney's Tangled®
Lesson 25: Review for Bambi, Bolt And Dumbo
Lesson 26: Disney's Frozen®
Lesson 27: Warner Bros.™ Movies The Lego Movie® (Ch 1)
Lesson 28: Warner Bros.™ Movies The Lego Movie®

The main thing:

You know your child best! Change and adapt the lessons to the way that works best for your family. Listen to the words on the MP3 or CD, and then watch the movie. Be sure you SPEAK as much as possible in Spanish. Beyond that, everything is just a recommendation!

Check back with us for future digital download lessons, Señora Gose is always adding new curriculum.  She may just have made one on your favorite movie choice. (She teaches a LOT of Spanish classes!)

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