Quarantine Phone Bingo

Quarantine Phone Bingo

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Free eBook download to help with your family's connectivity during this crazy homeschooling time.

Let's have some FUN! Hearing a voice, not staring at a screen. Set a prize for your family (for us, it's getting out of your evening chore - we'll pitch in and do it for you.)

You MUST use the phone to CALL, no texting or messaging allowed! The first person with a BINGO with names of FIVE people in a row WINS. There are five different sheets, so the choices are mixed up, and also have some different one on there - not everyone will be playing with the same card.

Have a great time, ask your question, connect for a second, and then call the next person! Make the stakes high or low, but let's CONNECT during our isolation!

Share the link, pass it on.

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