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Charlie Brown Christmas Movie Spanish Lesson

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This Spanish Movie Guide isn't as thorough as our normal Flip Flop Spanish movie guides - it's more just a quick list of vocabulary and two more activities to enjoy this week, getting some authentic input for you and your family.

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a little more advanced in the vocabulary area as well, so we didn't include the audio - follow along with the Lesson as Señora Gose's elementary class received it, and absorb at the level you can.

For more ideas, we doodles as many pictures of the words we already knew, played hangman, and charades BEFORE we watched the movie. We also had a great time sounding out each syllable, and using our Sentence Starters from our Flip Flop Spanish flashcards to build sentences, making the movie that much more effective. We watched it three times.

Even more good news is: you don't need to rent, borrow, or buy the DVD. Just follow the link in the PDF!


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