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A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-First Century

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Why I recommend:  Thomas Jefferson invented the public school system yet he never allowed his children to use it, he taught them at home.  That fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of education YOU can provide your child.  I love this book, even as a former public school teacher I finally understood that the public education system is a factory and is intended to be a factory that produces a product...a basically educated citizen.  If what you want for your child is to be another cog in the machine, choose public school, if you want other options for your child choose this book. 

Paperback: 198 pages
Publisher: TJEdOnline.com; First Paperback Edition edition (September 1, 2009)
Language: English

Details: Is American education preparing the future leaders our nation needs, or merely struggling to teach basic literacy and job skills? Without leadership education, are we settling for an inadequate system that delivers educational, industrial, governmental and societal mediocrity?
In A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-first Century, Oliver DeMille presents a new educational vision based on proven methods that really work! Teachers, students, parents, educators, legislators, leaders and everyone who cares about America's future must read this compelling book.

EAN: 9781615399918


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